My first YouTube video – a school project

This was an Independent Research Project I completed for my English class about life during World War One in Australia. I have modelled it off an average Sunday Night report.
For the main part of the report, I spoke to 91 year old Joan Henry. She lived in Australia during the Second World War, while here husband for 67-years Jim went to fight and was a Prisoner of War in Germany. While it’s not the same war, I spoke to her about what it was like at home – the emotional and social differences, and that remains the same.

I note there are a few mistakes, like Armistice Day being Anmesty Day in the video, and me signing off as 7 news, not Sunday Night, and a random man appering suddenly, but for a first go, I’m rather proud of it.

Credit to the Australian War Memorial for several pictures, and many websites including the ABC for information.

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