Melissa Doyle to leave Sunrise after 14 years

Melissa Doyle, who has co-hosted popular Channel 7 breakfast show Sunrise for fourteen years, has announced she will be stepping down from the role.

In an emotional announcement on the studio couch that she has spent so many hours with co-host David Koch on, she explained that she had been offered a new role with the network.


‘I’ve been offered a new network national role for the Seven Network to cover big events around the country and around the world and a move into prime-time. It’s an incredible opportunity, I’m honoured to be asked, honoured that I’ve been given such trust from our viewers over so many years and the network to move into this position.’

‘I’ve been ask to take part in that [Seven Network new news initiatives], which means stepping down from Sunrise,’ Doyle announced during yesterday morning’s broadcast.

‘So whilst its goodbye from breakfast television, its not goodbye from Seven. I’ll be part of new and exciting programs in the not too distant future. And I cannot wait,’ Melissa wrote on her personal Facebook page.

Doyle will soon be replaced by Weekend Sunrise co-host Samantha Armytage, who has been in the sister show’s presenter role for six years.

Melissa Doyle has been with the Seven Network since 1995. Mel and Kochie have been presenting Sunrise together, two years after its successful relaunch for twelve years.

CEO Seven West Media, Tim Worner, said: “Melissa’s contribution in establishing Sunrise as Australia’s leading breakfast program has been outstanding. During her tenure on Sunrise, she has helped redefine breakfast television. Her professionalism, wonderful warm nature and sharp journalistic skills make her perfectly equipped for the next phase in her career here at Seven.

Meanwhile, Doyle has been forced to deny claims that she was Seven’s ‘sacrificial lamb’.

“I’ve never had anyone say ‘It’s time to go’ or tap me on the shoulder or anything. I would never have left Sunrise unless it was an opportunity that I felt was the next step for me,” she told TV Tonight.

Sources have told the newspapers that after recent research conducted in Melbourne, results came back saying that either ‘Mel or Kochie had to go’.

Doyle, along with Channel 7 have vigorously denied the rumours.

The 43 year-old multiple Silver Logie nominee will take a (planned) two-week annual leave break, and will then travel to Britain to report on the Royal Birth for Seven. She’ll come back to ‘Brekky Central’ for a few weeks before finally saying goodbye.

“So whilst its goodbye from breakfast television, its not goodbye from Seven. I’ll be part of new and exciting programs in the not too distant future. And I cannot wait.


As an extremely loyal Sunrise viewer, it is very sad to see Mel go. She bas brought laughter, warmth, compassion and kindness to millions of people around Australia.

I very much look forward to seeing what is in stall for her at Seven, as she moves to a new, prime-time news initiative.

However, while I don’t have any issue with a new, Sydney-based Today Tonight, I hope Doyle will not host it (current industry speculation).

I believe she can do so much more for the Network, that it would be a shame to ‘waste’ it on TT, just sitting behind a desk for half an hour.

However, with Mel’s fantastic warmth, compassion and energy and drive, maybe (just maybe) she could turn TT on around, for the better…

There are, however, many other opportunities at Seven, including fronting and/or reporting with Sunday Night, revamping a new, hour long Seven News, or even starting a Seven News late night edition.

There are some amazing possibilities for Melissa Doyle at Channel 7, and I certainly very excited to see what the future holds for such a talented lady.

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