School Shooting in Colorado

This post was originally written for The Global Panorama, and has been uploaded here as part of a growing portfolio of work.

WASHINGTON- Three students are injured, one is in a critical condition, after a shooter, who was a student him self, went through Arapahoe High School in Colorado, searching for a single teacher, who later left the school.

The local Sheriff office has confirmed that two people have been injured. Later reports state that two injured were in fact students. Authorities have not reported any capture until now, and emergency and security vehicles are surrounding the school.

The Arapahoe High school listed at least 2100 students enrolled.

All the other schools in the area have been locked down.

The school is located on the same road as the Aurora theatre, where James Eagan Holmes killed 12 people and injured more than 60 during a late screening of the movie “The dark Night Rises” in 2012.


2:17PM (MST): Students are now being transported to the Shepherds of the Hills Church, where families will be reunited with their students, in the next half hour. Police say they know the suspect, but are not prepared to release his identity yet. It is believed he was a student.

2:00PM (MST): UPDATE: Arapahoe High School in Colorado, police say shooter is dead from self-inflicted wound. Two people have been injured, one is in a critical condition in hospital.

This post was originally published on December 13, 2013.

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