It’s been a while – here’s what I’ve been up to

If you’re reading this still (just under a year since my last post – eek!), then thank you very much. A lot has happened since my last post. Chances are, you’ve heard about a few of these exciting changes if you’ve been following me on Twitter and Facebook (and thank you for doing that, too). 


1. I went to Gallipoli 

The New South Wales Government gave the opportunity for 100 fortunate high school students to Gallipoli, Turkey, for the 100th commemoration services of the Anzacs Landings. 25 schools from all around NSW – from Tullamore to Albury, Ballina to Griffith and all areas of Sydney – were selected in a ballot to be have four students in Years 10-12, with one accompanying teacher, head to Turkey for a week and explore the Gallipoli Peninsula, visiting the infamous battlefields and war cemeteries. It was the most incredible experience I’ve ever had, and it is hard to express how I felt while we were there – which brings me to my next point. 

2. I wrote for the Sydney Morning Herald 

Yes, that Sydney Morning Herald. What an honour! I wrote two pieces for the paper, which appeared in print and online. I wrote my first piece before we left for Gallipoli, about my expectations and thoughts about Anzac. You can view it here. I wrote my second piece while we were there, just after we came back from visiting Shrapnel Valley, as well as the Nek. I was fascinated by what the soldiers’ sacrifice meant for their families, and what the Anzac Story means for us today. You can view that story here. A huge thank you to Kathryn Wicks, who helped me with writing from start to finish. I intended to also do some video reporting while I was there, but I learnt not to rely so much on hotel wi-fi… 

3. We got interviewed on Sunrise  

With another student and teacher from my school, we spoke to Kochie at Gallipoli about what the 100th commemorations meant for young people in modern Australia. View that interview here.

4. I worked with The Global Panorama 

During my close to two years with the student-run news website, I was an Editor and Correspondent for Oceania, Breaking News Reporter and Social Media Manager. These varying roles gave me a better understanding of how the media works online, and especially the role social media plays in finding, corroborating and delivering content to the public. I’m proud of what I achieved there and learnt a whole lot. You can check out my work (primarily breaking news reporting) with TGP here

5. I suddenly am almost half way through Year 10 

Okay, okay – maybe not quite as exciting as the four points above it. But this year has been incredible. As we moved into the ‘Senior College’ part of our school, we faced many different changes to what we knew from years 7 – 9 (most very welcome). I’ve spent two terms so far studying the Cold War in History, studied the political and legal system in Commerce and looked at Slavery and Genocide in History Elective (and also done a bit of maths on the side – one more year!). I had a Career Assessment Interview last week, which proved to be very interesting. My top result, based on a series of tests completed over a day suggested a career in human services – psychology, youth work, education – and then media and communications – journalism, radio announcer, producer. And, yeah, the latter appeals to me more. But I think it also reveals that I am interested in working with other people, helping. And I think I can mix the two together. 

6. I’m 16 and there’s only two and a half more years of school to go… 

This one is a little self-explanatory. It just goes so fast…   

So, that’s what I’ve been up to. I’m writing this post on Sunday afternoon when I really should be studying for my exams all next week. But it’s only maths tomorrow. (that was a joke.) I am SO grateful to the so many people that are always there to help me, and for all these wonderful opportunities I have been granted. 

I’ll endeavour to keep this blog updated as I really do think it is valuable to do so. Please let me know what you think (really, I actually mean that!) and contact me with any suggestions or questions. Until my next post, or tweet, or Facebook post, or Insta, see you soon! -Anthony

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