Dreams for the future

I’m sitting at the departures gate of Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport, on what would have to be one of the most uncomfortable couches I’ve ever sat on. I’ve just connected to the free WiFi and now have to sit for 5 hours as we wait for our connecting flight. 
 Sitting at the airport waiting and dreaming. (Do you like my socks?) 

But all this waiting has got me thinking (it’s not like I’m busy or anything!). Thinking about the future and my dreams. 

Whenever I’m in an international airport or another country, I get such a buzz, it’s very exciting. I sometimes dream I’m a foreign correspondent flying somewhere big, or scary, or at least very different, reporting on a major event, or a small one that no one knows about, and will learn something by the time we leave. I love immersing myself in another, totally different culture. 

And hope to, one day, in whatever form, go over to another country and report on what is happening, for real. 

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