An anchorman’s awesome message for student journalists

Jorge Ramos is an anchorman in Miami. He recently addressed a group of university students, and gave a powerful and inspiring talk about the future of journalism and why the profession is more important than ever. 

You can read his full speech here.

Ask tough questions. Don’t be scared. There are no forbidden or silly questions. And your attitude should be that if you don’t ask that question to the President, to the mayor, to the Senator…no one else will. Don’t look around. It is your responsibility. That’s why you chose to be a journalist.

It’s been a while – here’s what I’ve been up to

If you’re reading this still (just under a year since my last post – eek!), then thank you very much. A lot has happened since my last post. Chances are, you’ve heard about a few of these exciting changes if you’ve been following me on Twitter and Facebook (and thank you for doing that, too). 

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